42: Family

Hello from Thursday afternoon! Tomorrow afternoon (Friday) I hop on a one-way plane to Chicago, where Jeff will pick me … More

43: Edits

We got our Sanibel Island engagement photos back! A full post with more photos will come sometime this spring/summer. Right … More

44: RCIA

When Jeff and I started dating it was the summer before covid happened (2019) my tinder profile mentioned that I … More

45: Split

I’m late to post, but last week was a strange blur. I had Monday off for Presidents Day, and worked … More

46: Khaluna

My dinner club went to Khaluna this month, and yum! Provided you’re a moderately adventurous eater, it is delicious. It … More

47: Cooking

I love trying new recipes, but I tend to stick to my regular rotation. This week my mom and brother … More

48: Organization

While we are 99% settled in our house, that last one percent is a moving target. As I am starting … More

49: Brrr

While this post is a day late, I did consider typing it last week, but I just didn’t have the … More