16: Discuss

I am a talker. If you’re a fan of the movie Charlotte’s Web you might remember the song “I can … More

17: Walls

After months of minimal work, there are officially walls in Jeff’s house. Our timeline hasn’t changed, it still sounds like … More

18: Nature

After spending most of August with 10 hour work days, I’m happy that it paid off and I’m finally feeling … More

19: Slipping

I basically posted this last week, but Summer is slipping away. The rain this week brought some welcome cool-offs. Jeff … More

20: Almost 2022

I know, Summer isn’t even over and I’m already thinking about how close we are to 2022. But what is … More

21: Relax

Summer weather seems to have finally normalized. Usually I consider August to be the too hot for my liking month, … More

22: Water

I am happiest near water. Friday night Jeff and I attended his cousin’s wedding Kenosha, Wisconsin. It seems everyone is … More

23: Nacho

Nachos are near and dear to my heart. And I hope they are to yours. As a kid my mom … More

24: Movie

Pre-pandemic I think my last movie in theaters was Ford vs Ferrari, and it was a wonderful movie. Prior that … More

25: Social

I think I forgot how to socialize. I went to my first brewery post-covid on accident this week. On accident … More