34: Selling the Condo

Peace out Golden Valley, you were good to me. I have finally closed on the condo and the proceeds are … More

35: Away

It feels like a lifetime since last weekend. I had my birthday, I closed on the condo, went on a … More

36: Chicken

Happy May Day! This photo is from last weekend…and it isn’t chicken. In our attempt to try all the restaurants … More

37: Patience

I’m not a patient person. I try my best, but I like to get stuff done and waiting around makes … More

38: Easter

Easter is here! I’m pre-typing this as I’ll have a busy Easter weekend. Since this is the year I’ll become … More

9 Months To Go – Tyley Time

Last month we received our engagement photos back and completed our marriage retreat. All Catholic Churches have slightly different requirements … More

39: Home

We are officially 1 year since Jeff put money down on this house, and we are almost 5 months into … More

40: Long

March is over!! While plenty of good things happened, the last two weeks have just been so long. My work … More

41: Handle

“The Lord only gives you what you can handle.” Everyone has heard this at some point, and I think quite … More