24: Break

It turns out I used this word back on Week 28, but oh well. I’m actually on time this week because I have decided that I’ll be taking a break from the weekly blogging.

I’ll hopefully, probably be back with an August recap (I’m scheduled to go to Canada in that month). And in September I’ll have a couple bridal showers. October is a mystery to me, but come November the holiday season will have started, and we will be 2 months out from our wedding.

December is always crazy, but maybe I’ll have some surprising feedback from the final wedding preparations.

I hope I’ll be back, but in the meantime you can see occasional posts from me on instagram @Katie_LF. Truthfully I don’t post to my grid often, but I will post to stories from time to time.

I suppose I don’t have much of a question this week, but comment if there is anything you would like me to know during this break.

Love, Katie



  1. I do love coming by to see what you are up to, but completely understand the need for a break in this busy season. Have seen you over on IG in the interim, so will make sure to add you to my favorites to ensure I see your posts! Enjoy a bit of a break – hope you come back eventually!

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