25: Bubbles

Another late post, but not as late as last week! This time I was busy hanging out with Johnny. I pulled out all the things he used to like to do. We went to the slides and swings by my house, which to be honest I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to do. But by the end of the weekend he didn’t want to get off the swings, which I consider a win!

I also pulled out some bubbles which he used to love, but hadn’t tried in years. It was about 90 degrees so our activities were limited, but sitting in the shade of the porch was fine for a bit. We also watched Jeff mow the lawn and Johnny did give pushing the lawn mower a try…which was really just for my enjoyment of watching him.

In the condo it was possible to have him visit for a night or two, but it was more confining with only 700 square feet. In the house we have a little more flexibility, and thankfully I really love just hanging in the living room.

This coming weekend I’ll be up north so who knows what I’ll figure out to share on Sunday. I’m starting to consider a monthly recap instead of weekly especially as work starts to heat up the last couple weeks.

Do you like blowing bubbles? What are your favorite warm weather activities (when lake time isn’t an option)?



  1. I bet it is nice to have more space now! I appreciated that when I moved out of my condo and into Phil’s house. And now we have a wonderful set-up for guests as we have a guest suite in the basement with an en suite bathroom.

    Bubbles are a big hit in our house, too! We try to get out in the morning when it’s not so hot out yet. I ended up keeping Will in on Sunday afternoon since it was so steamy out. The hours really crept by when we were stuck inside. The day before we went to a splash pad which Paul loved and Will warmed up to with time!

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