26: Boat

Well this is a belated post…Last weekend I was in Okoboji, Iowa with a couple friends. And since I started this post before we left, I had originally planned on using this photo of a Sushi Boat at Wakame a couple weeks ago.

Since we were going to a lake town last weekend we wanted a lake activity. We looked into multiple booze cruise options as they are individually cost effective, but they were all sold out by the time we got around to looking. I considered renting a speed boat so we could boat around ourselves, but it wasn’t as cost effective, there was more personal liability, and after seeing all the activity on the lake, it would have been a little more stressful than I would have enjoyed.

Once we actually got to Okoboji, we saw a sign for paddle board rentals, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before!! It was $25 per hour, so we rented two hours and were able to get plenty of lake time in.

I would 100% go to Okoboji again. We had a great time. But, I do think the sweet spot is a group of 4. Most of the restaurants don’t take reservations, so every place has a wait. Although for big groups if you had a place with a kitchen on the lake, then you could just do drinks out, and be fine. Dinner was where there was always a wait, and it was a long wait.

Do you like lake towns for vacations? What is your preferred group size for vacation?


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  1. What a fun getaway! I rented a cabin with 5 other women I went to college with probably 5+ years ago? We stayed in the Brainerd area. We made breakfast and lunch so only ate out at dinner time with worked really well. I would totally do that again. I think 4 is probably the sweet spot for getaways, though!

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