27: Bright

The Fourth of July weekend came and went. I didn’t pre-write a post, and even now I’m struggling to put words together to cover my emotions of the weekend.

While I think most people’s Fourth of July includes fireworks, whether that means setting them off, watching them, or dreading them, I don’t know a place where you can totally avoid them. Maybe the boundary waters?

When I was in college and in my late twenties I tried to have the cool Fourth of July that I thought everyone was having. Inviting people over, bloody marys, lake time, etc. But I’m getting closer to accepting that everyone’s fourth is different. It might be an annual tradition that cannot be skipped, it might be hanging with just family you don’t get to see that often, or it might be inviting everyone and their brother over for just one day of the year.

My company gave us Friday off, so I went north on Thursday and helped with some family stuff. I was also able to see some friends, although we planned to swim it wasn’t hot hot swimming weather. I went out on Jeff’s fishing boat Friday night, and he and I went out trolling for muskies with my dad on Saturday. We actually saw quite a few fireworks on the lake July 2, which made us wonder what plans everyone had. Sunday night we also went out on the lake and got to see a few more. Monday the actual fourth we slept in a bit (8 am) and we headed back to Delano fairly early.

We avoided the Delano Fourth activities (maybe next year) and started watching 1883. So once again I have nothing to say on all of the politics, but that isn’t my strong suit.

What traditions do you follow on the Fourth of July?


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  1. I did not see any fireworks, and haven’t for the last several years… but in this stage of life, fireworks happen too late for us to enjoy them. In 4-5 years our kids will be at great ages for taking them in. So I was grumbling a bit about the noise keeping me up on Monday night – although I think it was rogue neighborhood fireworks and not a big show.

    My dad’s side of the family has a huge gathering over the 4th but we stopped going. Our last appearance was the summer of 2018 when Paul was just over a year old. It’s just … too much for us? It’s so many people and while some love that scene, I don’t especially with young kids. We prefer to be up at my parents when it’s just us ideally. But the lake is our escape/time to relax. I love my family but hanging w/ ~50 people is just not our scene! But I’m the outlier. My younger sister has an almost 18mo and she loved being at the lake for the family time. But she is an extrovert and I am a total introvert.

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