28: Break

Hello from the perfect weather weekend. It is warm enough to be outside, but not so warm that you are sweating and worrying about getting burned or dehydrated. Jeff and I went for a bike ride on Saturday morning and then drove to a friends’ wedding reception.

The reception spot was gorgeous and it was so good to see friends, chat, catch up, and celebrate love. We drove home in the sunset and finished watching “Under the Banner of Heaven” we both really enjoyed the show, which is based on a book and a true story.

Hopefully this week goes quickly and then it will be time for the Fourth of July! While there might not feel like much to celebrate in this country (which I really don’t want to get into). I am excited for a long weekend on the lake.

I selected the word “best” for this week’s post, because the day was really fun. We might not pose perfectly but I’m still glad we took a picture to remember the day. I’m taking a bit of a break from sharing wedding updates. Mostly because there aren’t big things to share, but also I often am not sure what people want to hear about, or what their judgement is of the plans.

In general, despite having many of things going well, I often am not feeling the best. There isn’t anything specifically wrong, and its not a medical type of thing. I’m just tired, unsure of what I want, and unsure what would make me feel better. I don’t say any of this to get attention, but more to say that just because it looks life is all fun events and cute outfits, it doesn’t always feel like that.

What are your fourth of July plans?


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  1. People are so opinionated about wedding plans. Weddings and babies are sure to elicit a lot of unsolicited advice. We did a number of things differently and I knew some didn’t understand or agree – but oh well! You do you! Phil is extremely pragmatic and not at all swayed by doing what others have done. So he’s a good influence on me.

    We are laying low for the 4th. The first 4 business days of the month are the busiest for Phil and quarter-end months are especially busy. So we do not go to the lake on the 4th anymore. My dad’s side gets together over the 4th and it’s just TOO MANY PEOPLE FOR ME. Even in non-covid times (covid is not a worry now for us since 3/4 of us had it recently, though). We much prefer being up at the lake when it’s just us… So it’s nice to have his job as an excuse to not go to the big family party.

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