29: Run

10 years ago I ran my first half marathon, and I now haven’t done a half since… 2019, 2018, something like that. It isn’t really on my radar right now to do distance training, mainly because I’m not running for distance these days.

What I am doing though, is the couch to 5k app, that has been my thing for the last few years and weeks 1-4 are usually just repeated over and over. The app is great for beginning, but it escalates into 20 minute runs too quickly for my taste/fitness level.

I’m happy to walk laps around my little neighborhood, but I don’t exactly want my neighbors to watch me attempting to run. So instead I go to another close neighborhood and do my running there. I haven’t been tracking my distance, but likely it is less than 3 miles, and maybe not quite 2 miles. The trick will be if I can continue as the temperatures rise.

I could also go to a nearby park that has a great bike trail. Jeff and I rode it last weekend and it’s a little over 6 miles with plenty of hills for the complete loop. If I were to get back into distance running, that is where I would go. But until then I’ll leave that trail for biking. There is also a swim beach there that I would love to visit, although the walk from the car to the beach is a mosquito haven.

How often do you run? Where do you like to run?


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  1. I took a long break from running – from summer of 2017 when I got pregnant until April of 2021! I did not manage to fit running in after having Paul but thanks to the flexibility covid provided in terms of WFH, I am now able to fit it into my life. I trained for a 10 mile race last fall and intended to run one this spring, but have now realized that 10k is as much as I care to train for right now. It’s hard to build mileage at this stage of life, so I am happy with 3-5 mile runs. I do all of my runs in my neighborhood – I have Minehaha Creek and Lake Harriet to run along so I am very lucky. But I logged lots of miles walking with the boys/as a family, too!

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