30: Home

We finally have sod, and in a couple weeks we will have a patio, and then we will finally get our official fence quote and hopefully get on that schedule. And by August, 9 months after moving in we might have a little break from projects and finally feel like the house is finished.

While watering the lawn I met another neighbor family. Since we don’t have a pet or a kid we are a little slower to meet people, but that is ok by me. I’m all for being a good neighbor, but I don’t need to be chatting it up every time I walk outside.

While a big part of me wishes we drove up to Cedar Lake every weekend, I’m also glad not to be stuck in traffic every weekend. So we will go up for Fathers Day, Fourth of July, and then see where the rest of summer takes us.

I hopeful that as the weather gets warmer I will start heading to one of the local parks with a swimming beach to cool off. I talked about doing it while living in Golden Valley, but never had a park that I felt like driving to. This park seems to have everything I want, but I haven’t done much there other than walk the trails in the winter.

We’ve played pickle ball once and tennis once and haven’t taken an outdoor bike ride together yet, so we have plenty to do without being on water.

What are your favorite activities when you have a weekend at home?

How often do you water your lawn?


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  1. When/if you have kids, it will be wonderful to have that playground equipment close by!

    Our weekend activities/wants are dictated by our kids! So the question looks different now v pre-kids. Now that we have kids, we spend a lot of time at parks and this weekend I took Will to a wading pool at the local park. The most we are outside, the better. We also takes lots of walks – Phil pushes the stroller and Paul scoots and I keep track of him. I’m so glad warmer weather is hear although the upper 90s is a bit intense! We are going to the lake this week, though, so at least we can cool off in the water. But the drive there keeps us from going very often. Like you said in your comment on my awful drive, the more you do it, the better it may get but my last experience was so awful that I couldn’t bring myself to make that drive often enough to get Will more used to it… but even without kids we did not go to the lake all that often as I also hate being in the car, just not to the extent that Will hates it. 😉 I love being up there, but I love being home! We can walk to Lake Harriet or drive over to Nokomis and both beaches are great. They aren’t as nice as my parents beach but they do the trick!

    As far as watering, we had to re-plant grass on our boulevard as it died last year thanks to the intense heat. So we water it almost daily. The rest of the yard doesn’t get watered until later in the summer if it starts to get brown, Phil waters it in the evening to prevent it from dying.

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