31: Chicago

While our wedding is still more than 200 days away, I had my bachelorette party last weekend. I deviated from the traditional plan, instead of a big party with all my friends from different parts of my life, I did just my bridal party. Which is a friend from college, a friend from Aitkin, and Jeff’s two sisters.

Making plans for 5 people is much easier than hanging out with 25 people. And I’ve attended quite a few 25 people bachelorette parties. They are fun, they can be wild, but they don’t often have quality bonding time. The older I get, the more quality time I want and the less photo perfect time I care about. Sure we went to the Bean and got a photo, and took plenty of photos while kayaking, but instagram didn’t rule our weekend.

We arrived on Friday and went to dinner on the river, then had a booth reserved at a bar with live music. We were on the dance floor briefly, and made it in bed by midnight. I woke up with a slight hangover, but nothing that impacted Saturday.

Saturday was all of our plans. We went to brunch, a walking tour that was ghosts and gangsters themed, dinner, and then a kayak on the Chicago river that ended with fireworks from the Navy Pier. We didn’t realize the kayak trip was 7 miles long, but we made it!

Sunday we walked to the bean, packed up, and had lunch at Jeff’s sister’s house. It was great to see his family and even better to land in Minneapolis on Sunday evening with Monday off. I do feel guilty about how many friends I didn’t invite, and I hope they realize that it is nothing personal. I am usually a more-the-merrier type of person, so this isn’t my typical choice, but it worked best for all the factors I had at play.

Have you been to Chicago? What are your favorite sites/activities there?


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  1. I would not worry about people being offended – you drew the line at your bridal party so I think people understood you kept it small and intimate! I think that is a great way to do it, especially since you went to a different city that required a flight for most people. It sounds like the perfect weekend and I think the weather was great that weekend!

    I have been to Chicago many times since my brother lives in that area and my company was HQ’d there prior to being acquired by another company. I love Chicago so much! I love doing the Frank Lloyd Wright tour in Oak Park. It’s super interesting! And I love renting bikes and biking along the lake. It’s such an all around fun city with so much to offer!

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