8 Months To Go – Tyley Time

Summer is coming and I’m sure it goes fast for everyone, but I think people anywhere in the midwest near lakes value summer time more than anyone else. We don’t get multiple seasons where we can boat, we get maybe April – October. But this April was chilly and May is already flying by.

I had a couple people reach out to ask about scheduling bridal showers, and I’m sure somewhere there is a “rule” about how far in advance you can do them. But with a January 14 wedding, if the rule is one month before….that is practically the week before Christmas. So I’m looking at fall weather bridal showers. My work season is insane then, but I also don’t want my summer over scheduled.

As for a bachelorette party, I’ve been to lots of parties where there are more than 20 people (which if you think about it is 6 high school friends, 8 college friends, and 6 friends or family members from other parts of life). It is not unreasonable that I could invite that many people, but I also have always felt torn in talking to the different groups when invited to those larger bachelorette parties. So I’m not having a big bachelorette and instead just my immediate bridal party is going to Chicago for memorial weekend.

There are other friends I would have loved to invite, but I was worried about hurting feelings and making it an event that people could easily attend.

This month’s photo is from the first time Jeff and I went to Chicago to visit his sister and her family. We visit them a few times per year and always look forward to spending time with them.

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  1. I don’t think there is any rule around bridal showers – it makes sense to do it when it makes sense for you! Especially when the weather is nicer and you aren’t competing with holiday plans! And your decision around the bach party makes sense, too. When it comes to weddings, my motto is “you do you.” When I was planning my bach party, my college friends really wanted me to go bar hopping and I said NO. I hadn’t been to bars in years so why would I do that for my bach party just because that is the common way to celebrate? So instead I had a bunch of people over to my house and we had a Mexican feast and played games. It was the day after cinco de mayo so the Mexican theme worked out well. It did combine various groups of friends but most of them had met at some other time so everything go along well and it was a super fun night and the perfect way to celebrate my upcoming wedding. Other things we skipped out on were engagement photos (my husband HATES posed photography so was a hard pass on engagement photos) and we did not have a band at our wedding and instead just played music after dinner and people mingled.

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