35: Away

It feels like a lifetime since last weekend. I had my birthday, I closed on the condo, went on a work trip, got back from that, had my last RCIA session, and here is the weekend again!

I have had a lot going on lately and last week I wasn’t feeling my best. There was too much going on that was all out of my control. All I could do was sit and wait, and that isn’t generally my style.

The condo closing will be a full post for another day, its been a rollercoaster that included a flood and a mortgage that supposedly wasn’t paid off.

My work trip was a good surprise. I knew the trip was coming, but it all went pleasantly well. We stayed at the Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida, which I had actually visited before with friends who used to live close by. Staying at a casino meant some second hand smoke, but it also meant that there was always something to or at least walk around and look at.

There was a moment on Tuesday evening where I was actually relaxed and laughing and having fun. I was with some coworkers who I have seen plenty, some that I have only seen once before, and others that I was in person with for the first time.

It felt good to get away from everyone else in my life. Even though I love my family and friends, it felt good to be away and be busy and focus on work with my coworkers.

Do you enjoy work travel? Are you able to disconnect when things are on your mind that are out of your control?

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  1. Oof, the condo closing sounded stressful!! I am glad it’s behind you! Hopefully that is the case as a flood and unpaid mortgage sound like major issues/hassles to deal with!

    I can enjoy work travel, but it’s usually related to client visits so that kind of work travel is stressful for me because I obsess over the meetings and how they will go, etc. Our team is doing an off-site in September, though, and I am sort of looking forward to that as there are people on my team that I have not met! Work travel is harder once you have kids, though, as I’m always thinking about them/missing them/hoping things are going ok for Phil back home. I”ve only traveled 3-4 times since becoming a mom, so luckily I can mostly avoid it. This last work trip was hard since I was gone for all of Saturday. I’d prefer to be gone during the week as then I don’t miss out on much!

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