36: Chicken

Happy May Day! This photo is from last weekend…and it isn’t chicken. In our attempt to try all the restaurants around us, we stopped at a new one last weekend and the menu included Frog Legs! They offered them as a dinner item, or as a “try it” for just 2 legs. And we had to do it.

I’m pre-typing this per usual so it’ll post on Sunday, and the day before will be my birthday and the day before that will be hopefully the day the condo closes. Originally we were going to go to Duluth for the weekend, but we have so much going on lately that I decided it would be more relaxing to not drive up to the lake, even though I love going up there.

This evening I’m off to Florida, but the east side of the state for a work meeting, so no visiting my family. Back when I worked for RJ Reynolds we traveled for work fairly frequently. My team was located throughout Minnesota and we got together in person not every month, but multiple times per year.

The company I currently work for is located in New Jersey, and some teams have most people located in New Jersey, but our team is spread across multiple states and most of the team members I have never met in person, and I’ve never been to our corporate office. I’m not usually nervous about meeting new people, and these people aren’t necessarily new, but there is still some anxiousness about being in person with people for a few days.

Are you a “chicken” when it comes to meeting new people and traveling to new places?

Would you eat a frog leg?

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  1. Oof, I do not think I could eat a frog leg! Even though it probably tastes like chicken! I just have a mental block over things like that!

    I hope your work travel goes well. It’s hard to get back into the swing of doing that. I had a work trip recently and will have a team offsite in September. It was going to be in June but got moved to the fall which I am glad about. There are people on my team I’ve never met in person since their group merged with ours or they were hired since our last offsite in Oct 2019. So it will be good to meet people in person after only zooming with them!

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