37: Patience

I’m not a patient person. I try my best, but I like to get stuff done and waiting around makes me antsy. Sure I procrastinated some homework, but more often I get pleasure from completing tasks early. While it looked to some like I waited to become Catholic until after Jeff proposed, in reality I had started the process about 6 months before.

I will hopefully close on the condo this week, and I am very anxious for that step. If it falls through I will survive. But dang would it be nice to have that mortgage and HOA off my plate.

Next weekend is my birthday, and the weekend after that is Mother’s Day, and the weekend after that we have plans with friends, and the weekend after that is open (although we might go get Jeff’s boat out of storage), and then it is Memorial weekend. So while I may not have patience, I at least have an awareness of how fast time goes by. And I know that if I can organize my time, I can get more stuff done.

I’m not certain if patience and organization go hand in hand for others, or if I’m just the person who isn’t all that patient, but also likes to have my stuff organized. And as I watch Season 2 of the Home Edit, lets be clear that I’m not organized to their level, but there is always something to aspire to!

Do you consider yourself patient? Organized? Are these two attributes supposed to go hand in hand?


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  1. I would not consider myself patient but it’s something I have tried to work on through the years. But I do consider myself very very organized and I love organization projects!

    I hope the sale went through so you can have that take care of! I was so relieved after the sale of my condo and our last house. Luckily both selling processes were really smooth and the buyers were fully approved well before they needed to be!

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