38: Easter

Easter is here! I’m pre-typing this as I’ll have a busy Easter weekend. Since this is the year I’ll become Catholic I’m going to Mass Thursday night, Friday Afternoon, and Saturday evening the Easter vigil is 8 pm until…about 11 pm. And since we don’t live in Maple Grove anymore, we will basically be getting home around midnight.

We will have our Easter ham, cheesy potatoes, and salad on Saturday evening before Mass. Sunday morning (today) I’m hoping that I wake up not too tired, and our guests will head out whenever they are ready. Then we will head over to Edina to have Easter dinner again, this time with my Grandma and more relatives.

Jeff’s Mom and StepDad visited us for Easter last year and are visiting again this year. My dad is visiting in celebration for me joining him as being Catholic (its only been 30 some years coming).

I would have invited more people to come to Mass if they had wanted to, but given that the Mass starts at 8 pm and is 3 hours long, it doesn’t lend itself to an easy ask. I do wish it had been on Saturday but at 5 pm, because then I could have invited more people and had a celebration at home. But oh well.

The eggs pictured above are from my Grandma. I can’t remember perfectly who made them, possibly my great grandmother, or a great aunt. But I love the colors and inside there are chicks which even Jeff thought was cool. The basket itself I picked up at Target.

Do you celebrate Easter? What is the longest church service you have ever attended?


  1. Welcome to the Catholic faith! I love the Easter vigil mass but it is pretty long, although I don’t think it’s ever been 3 hours at the places I’ve been, more so closer to 2 but still a big time commitment. I was my SIL’s sponsor over 10 years ago when she converted to Catholicism and it was such a special experience! I love how the church starts in darkness and then watching the glow of the candles grow across the congregation! I don’t know when I will go to an Easter vigil mass again, though, as it is soooo not kid friendly between the time of day and the length of the service!

    1. It seems everything with that parish takes just a little bit longer, the Good Friday service was 1 hour and 45 minutes, which we were not expecting. We’re on quite the journey, so now we will start going to the Edina mass since we are getting married there, and Watertown when that time of the day makes sense.

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