9 Months To Go – Tyley Time

Last month we received our engagement photos back and completed our marriage retreat.

All Catholic Churches have slightly different requirements for couples who want to be married. We have completed our Natural Family Planning introduction course, we have met with the priest twice, and the marriage retreat we were at was a Friday night for a few hours and Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm (which included attending mass).

We didn’t know quite what we were going to get from the retreat, but ultimately it was pretty straight forward. We listened to different speakers and had discussion questions in a workbook that we could review together. It was interesting being in a room with approximately 50 other couples that had chosen a Catholic marriage retreat. We didn’t mingle and talk to all of them, but I assume they were also there because they planned on getting married in a Catholic Church.

After a few weeks of not doing much for wedding planning I started chipping away at save the dates, invitations, and all the other paper needs we might have. I reached out to a printing company located in Buffalo, MN and they quickly emailed me back and helped me navigate with their ideas. Unfortunately they won’t print addresses on envelopes, but I can just use a clear label for that. They recommended the cost effective option of buying a template off Etsy, making the changes I wanted myself, and then having them print.

I plan on using postcards for the save the dates. As for invitations I’m leaning towards a “gate-style” invite, which I cannot explain by words alone. I also am starting to dive into the details of what I need to plan for the reception, which is not my forte. But I am often glad that I have plenty of time to get it all figured out.

Did you like how I breezed past the Natural Family Planning portion?

Or are you actually curious about that?

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  1. Ha about the NFP! We did the intro course and actually met with the instructor after we were married to use the method to try to get pregnant. And then we got pregnant during the first cycle when we really had no idea what we were doing. I had a really irregular cycle so figured the tracking would help. I will say it did help me understand when I was likely fertile or not fertile.

    Our retreat was similar – it was over in St. Paul. I remember that Phil was not feeling well that weekend so that Saturday felt really long!

    We did post cards for our save the dates, too!

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