42: Family

Hello from Thursday afternoon! Tomorrow afternoon (Friday) I hop on a one-way plane to Chicago, where Jeff will pick me up, and we will go meet his newest nephew on Saturday morning!

Jeff has a company vehicle which as gas prices rise I am more and more thankful for. He also has a large sales territory that includes St. Louis. He was there this week for work, so instead of flying, he drove there, which allows him to pick me up at the Chicago airport, and today we will drive home together.

The plan is to visit both of his sets of parents, plus his sister, brother-in-law and 2 nephews, one of whom is just a few weeks old. We likely won’t see his other siblings, as they still live exciting college lives.

And while I usually have photos that somewhat reflect my topic of the week, I also don’t usually share a person’s photo without their permission. So instead of a photos of some of those family members, here is one of the many house progress photos I took, April 1 is the 1 year anniversary of Jeff making the downpayment to the builder!

How often do you visit your family?

What do your visits include for activities?



  1. I hope you had a good visit with Jeff’s family. Sounds like he has a big Catholic family. 😉 So do I, but I am on the opposite end of the spectrum as I’m #4 of 5 and I’m guessing he is the oldest? I have one brother in the twin cities although I do not see them very much because their kids are in 8th and 11th grade and are so busy with activities and such. So I mostly see them when I am up at the lake although they did come over for Paul’s birthday at the end of Feb. When we see my parents at the lake, we don’t do much. I often only leave their lake home to go to church or maybe the grocery store. But that is the benefit of living on a lake – you have everything you need to entertain yourself right there! We recently visited my sister in AZ and tried to do one fun thing/day which is about as much as you can manage with little kids. Family visits always end up being about spending as much time together versus seeing the area, though.

    1. Yep, Jeff is the oldest. We have hit a good routine with our visits, but now that his sister has two kiddos things are changing a bit and if we are able to start a family that will shift things of course. His other two siblings are still in college, and we have no idea where they will end up once that part of life is done.

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