43: Edits

We got our Sanibel Island engagement photos back! A full post with more photos will come sometime this spring/summer. Right now I’m going through the 62 photos we received to find our favorites.

I struggle with photo organization and it is something that I have attempted in the past, but I get frustrated and give up. There is something in how my iPhone downloads to the Apple Photos that just seems to duplicate whatever I try to delete. I probably should use amazon photo or google photo or something else to store everything, but then I worry about the security there. Which…probably doesn’t actually matter. Or maybe I should just have files on an external hard drive and not try to organize them there or anywhere else?

So I’m open to any feedback you have. Or just commiserate with me that any option is a lot of work, likely to have gaps, and I’m ok to be frustrated.

I’m pre-typing this Friday evening before Jeff and I head to our Marriage Retreat weekend, and simultaneously the condo is officially on the market! I’ve had a few showings, but no offers yet. I’m actually glad that I’ll be at the retreat, because otherwise I would just be desperately waiting for feedback/offers.

So forgive me for not actually tying this post to the title of “edits” I had a sliver of an idea when I made up the title, but obviously none of it really came through. Oh well!



  1. I use google photos to organize my photos. But I am all in on google since that is what I use for email and I have various google docs saved. It has become such a widely accepted platform that I don’t worry about the security or them losing my photos. I’m sure there is always an outside chance of that happening, but I make annual photobooks so I will always have photos to look back on if something were to happen. I used to save photos in folders on my computer and had an external hard drive but I actually have less faith in something like that than I do in google!

    Fingers crossed that your condo sells fast!!!

    1. That is a good point on the google. I have follow that approach eventually. As for the condo, 1 week in and no offers, but I may do a price reduction before the weekend to hopefully get some more action. 1 bedrooms are such a small portion of the interested market.

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