10 Months To Go – Tyley Time

February wasn’t quite as quiet as I thought it would be in terms of wedding planning. I booked our reception venue, our floral vendor who will double as a day of coordinator, and we had our Sanibel Island engagement photos taken.

We won’t get the photos back for another week or so, but our first selfie from our quick trip will do for now.

I plan on posting individually about what venue I chose, and what floral vendor I chose. I know I still need to figure out invitations and I also need to get a better idea of table decorations, but I still have plenty of time for that.

I have really gone down the rabbit hole with the Betches Brides podcast. It used to be hosted by Taylor Strecker, who I have been listening to since her Cosmo Radio days. Those older episodes are my favorite because they are pre-covid so the content is “the good old days”. Although you have to chuckle a bit while listening to people talk about their March 2020 plans.

Meanwhile there is a Facebook group for Minnesota brides that has all sorts of up to date information. I haven’t posted any questions, but I have read plenty and occasionally respond to questions. I have had to snooze the group (meaning no notifications) as the number of posts can become overwhelming.

If you have wedding planned, where did you look for ideas? If you haven’t yet, how many things do you already have ideas on?


  1. When I got married in 2017, we had a very specific theme (books/reading) so that made all of the design choices really easy! I used pinterest almost exclusively! And that is the only time I’ve ever used it. I haven’t been on it since getting married! But it was a great place to save all of my ideas, and friends would share things they found, too. I was the last child in my family and last person in my group of friends to get married so people seemed extra excited since there hadn’t been a wedding in our family or group of friends for quite awhile.

    It feels so good to have the big things booked! Then you’ll probably reach a nice lull of planning until you are closer to the big day. Ours was different since we had a 5 month engagement so there our lull was pretty brief overall, but I didn’t find the process overwhelming since I knew what I want and am so practical! I think the hardest part was the expense of things… We had a spreadsheet for tracking the expenses and talked about a budget up front but oof it is expensive to get married. Both of our parents contributed an amount and we knew how much they were giving ahead of time, for the most part. But it was still kind of sickening to see the total cost! 😛

    1. At the marriage retreat this weekend we met a couple who got engaged in January and are getting married in May. and I think there are a lot of benefits to that approach! now we need to register, which I have somewhat started, but am a little overwhelmed by.

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