11 Months To Go – Tyley Time

In the month of January I scheduled 4 Hotels/Ballrooms to look at for venues. I also scheduled a photograph/videographer call, a florist call, two florist/event coordinator calls, and sent a deposit in for the bridal party’s hair and makeup. I had two dress shopping appointments, which you know resulted in a purchase. I also sent deposits for the band and the Church. And finally, I scheduled a photography session for February in Florida (Jeff and I were already planning on going and visiting my family).

I also started using The Knot, which is a wedding planning website that also can have a custom wedding website. I am slowly entering details, but the thing I find most fascinating is what dates they suggest for different planning items. For example, they want me to make a honeymoon packing list in November. Which is…interesting. I love to make a packing list early, but even I think 2 months in advance is nuts. Also I think it assumes you are immediately going on a honeymoon the day after the wedding, which we are not planning.

I’m trying to get two quotes that relatively match for each item I need to book. The one thing I haven’t gotten two quotes on, is the band. I was at a wedding in October that had an amazing band, so I got their name and am booking them! I’m also trying to book vendors that cover more than 1 item. Mostly to reduce the number of contacts I need to “deal with” the day of but also hoping that I can get a slightly better price and experience by bundling.

Based on the conversations with the venues I will need to hire a day of coordinator. This is because none of the places would allow us set up access Friday evening, so most things will be Saturday and I’ll be either getting ready, or already taking photos at the church. Also, it appears coordinators are entirely different than wedding planners. A coordinator will assist me on the wedding day, and will maybe meet up once before the wedding with a few emails and phone calls this year. Basically I do all the planning, and then they help me execute on the day of. Whereas, a planner would be more hands on all year long. They would be the intermediary between me and all vendors, and I would be more hands off. I didn’t feel like I needed or even really wanted that style of service, but I do know that I don’t want to be dealing with the table decorations at Noon when my wedding ceremony will likely be starting at 2 pm. So, coordinator it is!

I have a feeling with all that I accomplished in January, it will be a quieter February and March in terms of details to share. What planning item would you like to hear more about?


  1. I used the knot as well but ended up deleting SO MANY of their suggestions! They really cover their bases but so much was not applicable to our wedding. I had a super compressed planning timeline since we got engaged in December and married in May! But it all came together well. I was very glad to have a day of coordinator. Similarly we did not have access to the reception site until the day of the wedding, and maybe not until noon? I can’t remember. I did not have a planner and definitely didn’t feel I needed one, but I tried to cut costs where I could and that was a no go for sure. For me, having the reception/church/photographer booked were the biggest tasks and the items I was so glad to have done early on! The most fun part was planning our honeymoon. We got married on a Friday and left for Maui on Sunday. We knew we wanted to start a family right away so didn’t consider pushing it off, and it was nice to just jet away after the wedding! Little did we know we’d get pregnant in June and have a baby in March – 2 months before our 1 year anniversary. So I am glad we did the honeymoon right away!

    1. We plan on going on our honeymoon maybe a month or two later (which would work out well for when our bonus checks hit). We are also considering Hawaii, but haven’t made any concrete plans yet. I have most everything decided, but getting all the tiny details in place will be interesting.

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