51: Bright

Friday we received a lovely 5ish inches of snow. Thankfully we both worked from home, were able to do a mid-day shovel, and didn’t have any issues meeting friends for dinner.

Saturday morning we woke up to bright skies. Our neighborhood has a nature walking trail that I’ve explored, but Jeff hadn’t. So I asked him if he wanted to do that as part of our day. And then he told me the temp was -6. Thankfully by noon it had warmed up a bit.

This week we had a gutter company come over to the house to give us a quote. There’s one spot by the front door that is already causing ice build up, so I am hoping to tackle this project sooner vs later. Thankfully the company is installing even in the winter. So in the next couple weeks we will be the proud owners of gutters!

I sent a couple emails to fence companies but haven’t heard anything back. My assumption is they just don’t want to bother when they aren’t working this time of the year. So my plan is to reach out again sometime in February. We also need to get a concrete patio, hopefully this summer.

I’m glad I’m someone who stays relatively warm and can handle the Minnesota winter temps. The overcast days get to me, but Sunny and Cold is better than overcast for me. While the photo above makes the house look dark, we actually are able to not have many/any lights on during the day. The bright white paint definitely helps, but after having a view of a parking lot in the condo, looking at other people’s backyards is a nice change.

Are you getting outside on the warmer days? Or just hibernating until spring comes?


  1. I wish I was better at staying warm. I am so naturally cold! So winter is rough for me. I am fine once I get out there usually, though.

    When will you put your condo on the market? Or will you rent it out? I rented mine out for 7 years but mostly because I would have had to bring money to the closing table. I had a great property manager for the last 3 years I rented it out, though, so that made it more manageable. But I was VERY happy to sell it in 2018!

    1. I probably should have done some research on property managers to see if that was something to pursue, but I’ll be putting it on the market this spring/summer. I’d rather just get out and not have to wonder what the condo assoc. is getting up to.

  2. I get out but when its days like today (Wed/Thur in MN) I hibernate. This type of cold really gets to me. Actually, I take that back. Spoken like a true adult here in MN, it is not so much the cold I hate as it is the wind.

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