52: Warmth

Work week 1 of the new year is in the books! Tuesday felt like the longest day ever. I think it was especially hard to be back to work given that I had so much time off in December. Next year that likely won’t happen as I’ll have less PTO to use, and will likely need more days off throughout the year.

Jeff’s parents are divorced, but both of their houses have awesome fireplaces and I love visiting in the winter because fires are guaranteed. It felt so good on New Years Eve Day to sit by the fire and talk through initial wedding plans.

The townhouse Jeff rented when we started dating had an electric fireplace that we used often. The home Jeff bought doesn’t have a fireplace, so now he is frequently looking online at electric fireplaces. Although we have also considered buying a solo stove, because the backyard will need something also.

January can be long, but I thankfully of plenty of plans to keep me busy. We have at least one thing going each weekend, and February is starting to look the same. It’s a good thing I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions (other than the same promises to make healthy choices) because I wouldn’t have time for additional projects this month.

How are you staying warm this January?


  1. We just had our fireplace converted to gas this weekend and have already used it a lot! I’m always cold and especially now when it’s been terribly cold outside!

    The first week of January was not good. I spent so much time in doctor appts or waiting rooms. But we got cleared for tubes in Friday and snagged a Monday appt that opened when a patient tested positive at the pre op Covid test. So I am thrilled to hopefully have these infections and bad sleep behind us soon!!

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