12 Months To Go – Tyley Time

Here’s my first wedding planning post! To recap… I was proposed to at the end of November. In December we were able to have some discussions: Jeff and I, our 3 sets of parents, and some with our friends. We didn’t have an engagement party as even our immediate family is spread across 4 states and there was never a weekend that worked to bring everyone together.

We decided on a January wedding for a few reasons…. 1. My work schedule is busy and stressful August – November. So a fall wedding was out of the question. 2. Jeff really enjoys fishing, and by getting engaged at the end of November, plus with Covid, a Summer 2022 wedding would have been competitive and stressful for finding vendors. And Jeff would have missed a few hours of fishing (kidding, kind of). 3. Catholic Churches do not want weddings during Lent (the time before Easter) so either we would have to wait until after Easter in 2023, or before Ash Wednesday in 2023. Which meant…January! My work will be slow enough at the end of December to finalize things, and we will have an anniversary date that encourages warm weather vacations for the rest of our lives. What a win!

I knew I wanted a hotel ballroom reception because it would make things slightly easier for including Johnny. We never know when he might have a seizure, so by having the hotel room attached to the reception venue we should be able to go with whatever comes our way in that regard. Plus in January, it is nice to not have to go outside at the end of the night. We are touring 4 different options, and will make a decision soon.

We do plan on having a full Catholic Mass. Some may remember previous posts, I was born/baptized/confirmed Lutheran, but my dad is Catholic, as is Jeff and his parents. So I am going through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) from January of this year through May. I’ll finally be able to take Catholic communion and I am sure my Cummings grandparents are smiling down on me.

We have talked to most of our wedding party, and our parents have started reviewing who they might want to invite. Save the dates wouldn’t go out until sometime in the summer, but I need to design them, budget for them, and I would like to have a photo on them… so next on the list is figuring out photographers/videographers. And after my initial reviews of those websites…ouch! The budget is hurting.

I’m hoping/planning on writing 1 post per month, if there are specific things you want to know, feel free to comment and I will keep it under advisement!


  1. Setting the date is a huge first step as it determines the timeline for everything else! So excited for you guys. And that will be great to go through RCIA so you can have the same faith which really helps when it comes to having kids!!

    Photographers are a big ticket item. Oof. That was a stressful decision but we loved the one we went with!

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