1: Marry

Happy New Year! Today’s photo isn’t from New Years, or Christmas, or even Thanksgiving. Jeff proposed on his closing day in the new house! I wanted to wait to post on social media until we could see as many friends and family in person as possible.

I don’t know how being engaged will change the blog. If this was back in the “good ol’ blogging days” there would have been multiple posts with links of what I’ve chosen and marking every milestone. I don’t know that I’ll be sharing that level of detail…but I also am continuously surprised that I post each week as it is.

What I can say at this point is Jeff proposed in the house after his closing, and we went to Birches on the Lake, a supperclub to celebrate. The photo above was an iPhone photo that I took with the timer function, a trick that I really enjoy. We called most of our family that day, other than his mom and stepdad who we were able to see the next day.

January 2023 is approximately when we are thinking. I’m thinking a color scheme of Navy, Emerald, Sage, Grey/Blue, and Blush, with gold and silver accents. Basically I don’t want one color to dictate every choice I make. And I attempted to make a fun color palette image, but graphic designer I am not.

I don’t necessarily recommend getting engaged while moving, during the holidays, but the important thing is that we are happy and investing in our future together.

What do you have planned for the new year?

What would you like me to share about the wedding process?


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so very happy for you and Jeff! We got engaged in early December and it was a fun time since we saw a lot of family and friends during that time of year. But having a move on top of everything else is alot! I had a pretty short 6 month engagement which I liked as it forced me to make decisions and move on. I had a somewhat similar palette. Our colors were navy, blush pink and gold!

    Happy planning!!

  2. I want to hear about all the details of planning a wedding. I plan to live vicariously through your planning. The color scheme sounds gorgeous. I’m so excited and happy for you!!!

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