3: Almost

No home tour this week, although maybe in January things will be fully settled. Now that I’m not going back and forth to Golden Valley every day, I am slowly putting things in their real home and not just wherever it fits.

I’m pre-typing this Wednesday evening and this photo is from before Minnesota’s big snow last week, which all melted on Wednesday (today) during the day. Supposedly another storm of a sort is headed our way, but I have no idea what it will actually bring.

Assuming all goes well our living room shades will be delivered on Friday, and Jeff will set them up. Saturday we get to sleep in as late as we want (a rare and well needed treat) and then its more cleaning and organizing.

Sunday is Jeff’s usual hockey game, we will get some church in either Saturday evening or Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon I’m going to see House of Gucci.

We both only work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then it is time to celebrate Christmas! As always, the countdown of the year is how I number these posts, and it is wild to think there are only 2 more, and technically the 1 post will be on January 2.

So we are almost done with the year, it is almost Christmas, and I am almost unpacked and organized.

How do you mark the weeks and months flying by?

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  1. I read your blog for years before figuring out the number in the title was a countdown of the weeks. I think you pointed it out last year and I was like oooohhhh!

    I hope you are getting settled in more every day. It’s such a process and even more so with a new build! But how exciting for you guys!

    I have been using a bullet journal for years but I am switching back to a planner for 2022! It started in November so I have been using it for 1.5 months. It says what numerical week of the year it is on the side of every weekly spread so I have have a better view of how much of the year is left. Seeing the actual week number makes it more easy to see how little or much of a year is left! Prob shy because I am a numbers person!

    Merry Christmas!!

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