4: Football

On Saturday I’ll be bundling up and cheering on Jeff’s brother Nate in his semi-final football game. We went to a game in October and I got a little sunburn, and that likely won’t be the case on Saturday. But no matter how cold it is, it will feel colder for the other team, as they are traveling from Texas.

I’m thankful that I have decent cold weather gear. But I am a little bummed that the new snow pants I ordered won’t be here in time. Last winter Jeff wanted to do skiing, and I realized I hadn’t worn snow pants since college, and my size has changed a bit since then. At least my coat will cover my bum and we will likely tailgate a bit before the game.

Jeff and I went to the Vikings/Packers game at US Bank Stadium a few weeks ago, and of course he is always saying he wants to take me to Packer Home game…which I am less thrilled about. I have offered up the compromise of going to a pre-season game so at least it will be August and I can enjoy the warm weather.

I might not know all the ins and outs of football, but at least I can get behind time with family and friends and cheering for a couple hours.

Are you a football fan? Would you go to an outdoor game in December? Kickoff is at 2:30 pm, so we are probably in for a cold one!


  1. An outdoor football game in December would be a really hard sell for me! I am kind of a wimp about cold weather, especially if you are standing still! But if it was someone I really cared about I would probably make the sacrifice of comfort and go! I like to follow football but am not a huge fan. I rarely watch a whole game – but I like having it on in the background!

    1. Yeah, I also am ok with the game being on, but don’t need to catch every minute. I do appreciate that Jeff is just a Packer fan, and if they aren’t playing we don’t necessarily need to watch every game of the week.

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