5: Remembering

The Holidays are officially here and while I like “the holidays” I don’t get 1000% into the Christmas spirit. I have Jeff’s tree up, there are lights, I put up the decorations I’ve inherited from my mom. But this year especially there will be remembering those who are no longer with us.

My grandpa passed away in June, and we had a family service in July, a public service in September, and we had Thanksgiving at my grandparents house as our usual tradition.

Christmas will be different. And life in general is different. We found out about Grandpa’s cancer as Covid was starting to be a thing, and now Covid has gone on past him. But we are a lucky family. We were able to be with him, we were able to gather as a family, and we have each other even when we are separated in different states.

I know I am not alone in missing people over the holidays. All of Jeff’s grandparents are gone, and friends of mine have parents and siblings they are missing.

So this holiday season I hope you are able to remember those who you miss, and love those that you are able to be with, or speak with, or send happy thoughts to.

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