6: Progress

Our kitchen stools have arrived! I first saw these stools at one of Jeff’s friends house and knew I wanted to buy the same for our place. I went to the same furniture store, but they only had one stool in the store and it was hard to know if it truly would fit with our counters, but thankfully I think it works!

We have one set of window treatments to be delivered on December 3, another set that should deliver about then (but no tracking info, which means I check every day to see if that has been updated). And we have a slightly longer wait for our washer and dryer, which is December 9. But there is a good chance we will be sleeping in Delano by then.

Our internet got set up on Wednesday, and garbage service should start next week. Overall, things are in good shape. I’m glad we are just two adults that have the condo to eat/sleep out of while we get everything settled over at the house.

Having Thanksgiving in the first week of moving is a blessing and a curse. We have extra days off work to work on the house, but our quality time with family and friends is reduced.

Do you have any pro moving or organization tips?

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