7: Moving

Jeff officially is a home owner again! He closed on the house on Thursday. We unpacked the things I had bought for the house (soap, shower curtains, toilet paper, etc). Friday we welcomed his parents and took one trip to the storage unit and the house. Saturday was the big day and we wanted to empty as much as possible out of the two storage units Jeff had rented. We hoped that going from about 9 am until about 4 pm would be good enough.

Naturally we didn’t sleep well Friday night, and were ready to go early Saturday morning. Which meant we were done with all our trips by 1 pm! We made some sense of the chaos and called it good enough.

I’m typing this Saturday evening as we took a break from his parents (they have a hotel room for the weekend since the condo only has one bedroom). And when they are ready they will come to the condo and then we will all get dinner.

Moving is hard. No matter how organized you are, or how go with the flow you are, it just takes a lot of patience. And my patience is always directly related to how many good nights of sleep I have had in the last week, which hasn’t been much. When I’m stressed I tend to wake up early and not get all the sleep I need.

But it is all coming together. Maybe it is slow for some, maybe others find it too fast. Life keeps on moving.

How do you like to move? Get it done in one big crazy day? Or work at it as you are able?


  1. Ugh. Moving is the worst. It’s so much work and so exhausting! We moved about 2 years ago and had a good month+ of overlap so we brought things over gradually and then hired movers and moved the bulk of things then. The movers told us we were one of the most organized families ever! I had everything unpacked and put away by the end of the day. But we had rented these green plastic boxes and had scheduled to have them picked up the Monday after we moved (and the move happened on a Friday). I loathe having boxes around so was very motivated to unpack and I wanted to get as much done as possible while Paul was in daycare. Had we not moved a bunch over ahead of time, I probably would not have been fully unpacked so fast.

    Good luck getting settled in!!! That is always a process as different spaces can require different or more furniture. That was the case for us!

  2. Ever since my blood sugar got too low and I burst into tears when a box spring got stuck (yes, stuck) on a narrow stairway, it’s been all-pros, all the time. Even for packing the big stuff – like the kitchen. It’s hilarious, though, when you find things like… the wastebasket from the bathroom in a BIG box by itself with a dirty tissue still in it. LOL

    I’m glad it’s almost done! Now time to settle into new routines and places. Good luck!

    1. Oh yes, Jeff loves to save a dollar (and I know hiring moving help is more than $1) but if we ever do a complete move as a 2 or more person household, I will be insisting on hired hands. I swear hallways get more narrow as you move more furniture.

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