11: Recover

Sunday morning I walked with college friends down to Minnehaha Falls. I haven’t been there in the fall in a while, and it really is a great relaxing spot.

On the walk back to my friend’s house I did roll my ankle which means no running this week (I’m slowly getting back into the couch to 5k program). It was actually a full weekend of fun. I took off Friday and picked an out of town college friend up at the airport. We enjoyed lunch at Surdyk’s sidebar, which is a great place, but even at 1pm on a Friday, we should have had reservations. Thankfully they set up a patio table for us which will probably be my last outdoor dining of the year.

Stillwater was our next destination of the weekend. We stayed at Hotel Lora, which is beautiful and 100% worth the price. We had dinner at Lolo which never disappoints even if the wait for dinner was quoted at hour to hour and a half, and was instead over two hours. Thankfully we had drinks to tide us over.

Saturday morning we went to Just For Me spa, which has a salt cave and then we added on the mineral pool, which included the pool, a hot tub, and a sauna. We headed back to Minneapolis in the afternoon and rounded out our together time with dinner at Bar la Grassa and drinks on the rooftop of the Hewing Hotel.

It was so nice to have some dedicated friend time in person and with no distractions. We were great at doing video chats when covid started, they become more difficult as things start to open up (and two of the friends have beautiful kiddos to care for as well).

Although with any group activity it means that Sunday evening I needed some good relaxation, and when Jeff asked if we should go out to dinner this coming weekend, I’m not quite in the mood yet because nothing tops Bar la Grassa, unless he wants to go again… 🙂



  1. What a fun weekend! I hadn’t heard of that spa. I need to look into that as it sounds amazing! In person time is so important and we missed out on it big time last year and earlier this year. I went for a walk with my college girlfriends in your neighborhood a couple of weekends ago. My friend lives in GV so we walked to that chalet place with a window for ordering (blanking on the restaurant name) and enjoyed a coffee on a chilly Sunday morning. It was so great!

    1. I don’t know the name of that place either, but it is a beautiful area to go to! I was really impressed with the pool/sauna situation, and really want to plan for other friends to go again in January.

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