12: Together

I got lots of good together time with Johnny this past week. Jeff and I didn’t get a perfect fall photo taken together, but oh well, I guess there will be another time for that. Although for our last wedding of the year (we had 4 total) it was a really fun wedding. Each wedding had a different vibe, one for his family, one for my family, one in my hometown, and one slightly out of town. Getting to Red Wing for a 3:30 wedding service took a little rearranging and a little faith in a shuttle bus, but it all worked out and was a great time.

Johnny loves a late night but thankfully the nights I had him he was fairly reasonable, and while we didn’t get to sleep in, at least we got a walk in each day. He doesn’t always love the idea of going for a walk (he sits in his wheelchair) but it is good to get out in the fresh air.

I have Friday off this week as I have a girls weekend and one of the friends is flying in about noon on Friday. But since Johnny goes to Florida soon, I’m kind of thinking it wouldn’t be the worst idea to drive to Aitkin Thursday after work and have another night visiting him. (Its a good thing I like driving and don’t mind a couple hours in the car). Of course it all depends on how work goes because it is still definitely part of the busy season, the volume has slowed, but now we are in the middle of medical reviews and adjusting quotes based on competition and medical updates (because they never give us all the information right away because that would just be too easy).

I’m definitely happiest when I get together time with Johnny, and phone calls are good, but they aren’t the same. How often do you talk to your siblings? Do you like to hang out together? or is a phone call with updates good enough?


  1. You had a full weekend! Glad the wedding was fun! I bet it was so nice to celebrate all these couples after a year without celebrations.

    I have 4 siblings and am closer to some than others. I think that is typical for a big family. I hope that our boys have a close relationship when they grow up. I am closest to my younger sister who is 7 years younger than me. Our babies are 2.5 months apart so we are in similar life stages which helps. My older siblings have kids that range from 7.5 to 17! So they are in such different stages of life.

    1. I can see how having multiple siblings changes the relationship. That is the one thing I really don’t know how to do. My mom has 5 sisters and they all get along, but some she talks to more often than others. Jeff’s half siblings are in college, so it is very fun to hear them talk about how they think their lives are going to go, and it hasn’t been that long for Jeff and I and his sister, so we remember how we thought life would go in college, and how it actually went…. Oh to be young!

  2. It sounds like you are really close with Johnny, which I think is awesome. I do think that geography plays a role… my brother (only 14 months older than me) and I are definitely close. And we’ve become closer since COVID, and weekly family Zoom calls that include both of us. But we don’t call/text/talk all the time. It’s a bit more sporadic, but still heartfelt. 🙂

    I remember reading that sibs are the most enduring relationships we will ever have – so to nurture them accordingly. 🙂

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