13: Peak

Oops, a little late this week. This past weekend we were over in the Milwaukee area visiting Jeff’s family….yes some of the same people we saw when we were in Canada, and on the way home from Canada, but….oh well.

This week I am off Wednesday – Friday as I’m helping take care of my brother, and then I have a wedding Friday afternoon. To make things a little easier on my family I drove home Tuesday night, had dinner with a friend, and got to take another peek at the fall colors.

But since I had been home the weekend before the Milwaukee weekend, when it was gloriously sunny, the photo above was from that trip, and I think was the peak of the color changing season (at least for up north). The wedding I am attending is in Red Wing at a farm, so I am hoping that Jeff and I can get a decent photo together to give all the fall vibes. Saturday we gloriously have no plans, although we will be in a random hotel room and possibly/likely feeling a bit tired from celebrating. And I’m really just hoping we go to mass on Saturday evening because I need a reminder of what a weekend routine feels like. Sunday we are going to divide and conquer, he will have some time to himself to re-arrange a storage unit. And I will visit a friend and her new family addition.

Unfortunately Jeff is gone next week for work, which means I’ll have plenty of quiet time to get my work done…but he flies home and I’m off to a girls weekend. So we will be a bit discombobulated next week/weekend. But with those time where we are passing ships, I am thankful that we got up north in peak fall weather, and we had last weekend visiting his family watching his brother play football, and getting to celebrate and getting slightly sunburnt.

So if you were following blogging rules, a title like “Peak” would have talked about something you have peaked at, or are anticipating peaking at, or just improving. But…that didn’t happen here. And I’m ok with that. And sometimes I wonder if these weekly posts could just be an instagram post, but the more that social media platform changes, the less I think that is a wise move.

This blog certainly peaked….3 years, 5 years, or more ago. But oh well, and for now I still enjoy finding a photo to share and a slice of life to write about.

What have you peaked at? What would you still like to peak at?


  1. My blog probably peaked about 5-8 years ago? It makes me question if I should keep going but I remind myself I am doing this for myself to give me a creative outlet. I do miss having more dialogue with commenters. A lot of my old commenters no longer blog. I don’t write as many ‘deep’ posts as I used to but I am also in a stage of life where things are not my story to tell.

    Glad you got to see peak colors up north! We have oak trees in our neighborhood and they lose their leaves really early. So we have played with leaves a lot. They are not pretty at fall though. They go from green to brown. We are taking family photos on Saturday and the area we are going has different trees that haven’t lost their leaves so hopefully we get some pretty fall shots! I am just glad it won’t be hot as we will be in jeans and sweaters or button downs. Last weekend those clothes would have been way too warm!!

  2. My (unsolicited) opinion: Write if you want to write. People are still reading even if they are not commenting. 🙂
    I hope you were able to get some good pictures during the wedding!
    And in terms of peaking… hm. I am not sure. I might have peaked socially a long time ago – my hermit tendencies are the strongest they’ve ever been, I think. I was much, MUCH more social about 10 years ago.

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