14: Success

I made it to Canada, we made it home from Canada, Jeff has a closing date on his house, and my work busy season has no end, especially as I look to take more time off in October and November.

A family cabin is such a personal thing. I know people complain that Minnesotans are stingy when it comes to cabin invites, and my excuse has been that I don’t have a cabin, you’re just going to my parents house for the weekend, and its just normal family stuff with an occasional boat ride.

Jeff’s cabin, or the Canadian word is “cottage” has been in his family since his Great Grandpa. I feel very lucky that I was able to experience it, especially when it was just me, him, and his parents. I like all his family, but when they all know the drill and I am the fish out of water, I am happy that I could experience it at least for the first time with a smaller group.

For the last year I have wanted to go up to Duluth/ the North Shore and hike Bean and Bear Lakes, but with all of the things it hasn’t happened, and I doubt it will in 2021. But, I am grateful for the experiences I have had, and I know when/if that hike day comes, I will be happy to get out there and experience it.

What are your favorite outdoor activities? Do you enjoy cabin/cottage time?



  1. I’m so glad everything went smoothly for you! A weekend at a remote cottage is right up my alley! I love going to my parents. It is a lake home but also their full time home. I prefer being up there when it’s just my family and my parents. I love my family but a lot of people can be overwhelming for me, especially with a young baby that naps twice a day. It gets old to say ‘please be quiet, the baby is sleeping’ to my niece and nephew. 😉

    My favorite outdoor activity is hiking!

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