15: Travel

No, I’m not in Key West again. Although I would do another weekend trip there someday. I’m pre-typing this post on Tuesday evening. Tomorrow I have a one-way ticket to Toronto, I have a negative covid test, I have my required vaccinations, I have a 2 hour shuttle booked, and if all goes well I’ll get dropped off at a bar that is closed next to a dock somewhere in Canada where Jeff will be waiting to pick me up. In the boat, unless it is raining, then he might drive to pick me up.

Jeff drove up to his family’s cottage last weekend after my cousin’s wedding. And I will drive back with him and be home Sunday evening if all goes well. However you know how on the Delta app you check in 24 hours before your flight? Turns out I couldn’t, because having a one-way ticket to a foreign country is shady. The delta app is prompting me to have some sort of visa, which seems to not actually apply to me. And since the call wait times are insane, I did the online chat version of delta support….and….maybe all I have to do is check in in person. Or maybe I really do need some sort of visa and I won’t get to get on my flight.

I don’t deal with ambiguity well, and I rarely sleep soundly the day before a flight, so I’m guessing when my alarm goes off at 4:45 I’m ready to roll. If all goes well all the wondering/worrying is for nothing and I will have plenty of time for an overpriced breakfast at the airport.

And if all goes to my worst case scenario… I’m officially on some kind of watch list, and instead of thinking I’m a dutiful girlfriend going to the family cabin, they will see me as some kind of awful and not let me on the flight, and the expensive covid test, and pto was all for nothing.

As for the covid of it all. We are vaxed, we are tested, we are masked, and social distanced. The cottage from what I’ve hear is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and his family brings up the groceries they need, so I don’t anticipate any issues.


  1. I hope this all went smoothly today! I can see how a one-way ticket to a foreign country could be flagged but hopefully logic will prevail and it will all go just fine!! Good luck!! Hopefully you are reading this, reunited with Jeff!

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