23: Nacho

Nachos are near and dear to my heart. And I hope they are to yours. As a kid my mom would make nachos with leftover steak, cheese, chips, in the microwave, with sour cream and salsa on top. I would beg for a chip with just cheese, and none of those “yucky” toppings.

Technically this menu item was considered queso, which obviously I also love. But the menu had an “add brisket” option which I misinterpreted as just adding the meat to the cheese sauce, and instead it was the meat on top of chips with lettuce and some other toppings.

I love how nachos can be entirely customizable. Gluten free chips, non-dairy cheese, any topping you like. I’ve never needed a gluten free or non-dairy, but I like that its a food that can be accessible to almost everyone (I’m sure there someone somewhere who can’t fit it into their dietary needs, so I’ll add the “almost” as a caveat.)

I don’t like ordering nachos at restaurants however because all I really want is chips and cheese, and I want the melty cheese, and I definitely don’t want lettuce to get in my way. If I wanted lettuce, I would have ordered a salad. Which, I have been ordering more salads lately because while I am never in the mood for them at home, a salad that someone else makes usually tastes pretty darn good.

What foods do you love to order at restaurants? What foods do you avoid ordering because you know you can do it better at home?


  1. I LOVE nachos! I rarely order them in restaurants because they seem like something I can make at home and I need someone else to want them because nachos tend to be HUGE in restaurants. But I do love them! We make them a couple of times a month when we have leftover pork or taco
    Meat. I really love to get them at Zorbaz but I haven’t for years and don’t know when I will again because they are something you need to eat at the restaurant – not as take out. And we are mostly doing take out these days.

    I also love queso but rarely order it because Phil does not like cheese very much (can you imagine?) so I would have to eat it on my own and that would give me a big belly ache.

  2. Oh, man. I haven’t had nachos in forever! I used to have them with just cheese and chips after school – in middle school! Now I am thinking I need to bring them back. Thanks for the happy memory!

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