24: Movie

Pre-pandemic I think my last movie in theaters was Ford vs Ferrari, and it was a wonderful movie. Prior that I had a group of coworkers that would occasionally go to movies together, and were jokingly referred to as “movie club”. I finally got back in a movie theater last weekend, and it was wonderful.

Jeff and I went to Cruella at the New Hope Cinema Grill. I had been to that theater once back in 2010, and not much has changed there. They don’t have movie theater seats as they have tables and serve a full menu. The seating isn’t as comfy, but the movie tickets were $4 per person, which is definitely appealing.

Cruella was an amazing movie, I highly recommend seeing it whether on Disney+ or at a movie theater. Although there was a sad preview before the moving talking about how movie theaters have struggled during covid. So if you can go to an independent theater, definitely give it a go.

It is so fun to think that they developed stories around characters we have seen before, but not in that light. I love the creativity and the ending makes me think that maybe there could be a Cruella 2, and I’d probably see that in theaters as well, because the music was great, and there was some cinematography that I think benefited from the big screen.

What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Do you prefer to go to the movies? Or do you like being able to stream from home?


  1. What a fun night out! We very rarely go to movies. I think Phil and I have probably gone to 2-3 in the 9 years we’ve known each other! My last movie was MLK day 2020. I’m blanking on the title but it was about blacks in the criminal justice system and was based on a non-fiction book I loved!

  2. I think it’s really cool this website I’m glad your doing and doing well I don’t know if you remember me but this is Thor I found you on Instagram. I saw this website and it’s really cool I hope someday we can cross paths again it’s been years.

  3. Oh, man, you’re going to laugh when you hear that my last movie in a theater was… for the last Lord of the Rings movie. In 2003? I think? I met my future spouse about 2 months later, and he does not like movie theaters, so we never went, and I never felt compelled to go alone. Over time, I’ve come to love the home-viewing experience. Except, well, now? Now I don’t really watch movies at home, either! I honestly don’t remember the last one I watched. Um. Maybe the last Harry Potter movie? I think? (You’re probably laughing out loud now…)

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