25: Social

I think I forgot how to socialize. I went to my first brewery post-covid on accident this week. On accident because a group of friends decided we would go to the Northfield pizza farm, but there was a rain issue, so we decided to do the Rosalina patio, but the patio was closed because it had been raining earlier. So….third try is the charm, Wooden Ship it is!

It was so good to see friends I haven’t seen in over year. It was good to catch up with them, and discussed what has changed, what has stayed the same, and what we want to see in the future.

This gathering was Wednesday, and on Saturday I have another friend group meet up, on Sunday I have a family bridal shower, and then Monday am meeting up with other friends. Uff da. Obviously this will come out on Sunday, but I’m typing it Thursday night where I am starting to get a headache just from thinking about all this socializing. Or from the work stress as busy season is slowly starting.

I like all the people in my life, but I also like alone time. And getting back into the swing of chatting and listening and having energy for it all is going to take some time. Traffic is back, parking is rarely easy, and I will schedule enough time to get there early, but I also don’t want to miss my bedtime, so I hope we aren’t hanging out too late.

With so much going on lately I have tried pretty hard to keep up with a decent routine. I’m almost every day going for a 20 min walk before work. And every day in July so far I have done some kind of Peloton workout. My bike is in storage, so instead of spin classes it has been their cardio classes mostly, occasionally a stretch or yoga class. In May and June I did strength challenges on the Peloton app, so after this July 1 class per day challenge is done, then I will probably go back to a strength challenge to keep me motivated.

In covid I amped up my walking dates with friends, and I find that it really is my favorite way to get together. I get the health aspect, I get the conversation, and fewer distractions. I love people watching, so at a restaurant or brewery I want to hear what you have to say, but I also want to talk about the older couple behind you, and have us figure out if it is an online date, and if there will be a second date.

Do you enjoy socializing? How often do you get together with others?



  1. Honestly I feel like since covid I have become pretty anti-social I mean I was far from a social butterfly before but now it’s even harder because I got so used to being alone for the past year and a half. Now, I am fortunate to have an awesome neighbor who I see every afternoon who I go for a walk with before the end of our work days and her husband gets home. I do hope to eventually meet some more people to spend time with, but its all about progress not perfection. Right? Have you considered getting the peloton bike at some point? I really love it and it makes interacting with other riding so much easier! ❤ So glad you've been enjoying their challenges. Have you found you have a go to instructor or do you like them all??

    1. I won’t buy the bike because I put my road bike on the trainer. I’ll likely buy a non-peloton branded treadmill in the next year or two, but unless they change their pricing strategy, I’m not enticed to buy their products other than the $13 per month for the app. Its great to find a friend in the neighborhood to walk with!

      1. That makes sense, Katie. I really like how interactive the bike is. I know a number of folks really enjoy the app, but after a year and a half on the peloton bike, I wouldn’t go back. Hope you’re having a great end of the summer. Any big plans for the fall?

  2. I haven’t done a ton of socializing, mostly because of our stage of life. Your string of events does sound exhausting, though! I think one social event/week is about right for me. Any more than that and I get overwhelmed. Plus I like to be in bed early! I went to a brewery with my mom’s group last month and it was so fun. We went to Wooden Hills in Edina. They had awesome hard seltzers on tap!

  3. I’m impressed with your social calendar – but exhausted just reading about it! I am totally in Lindsay’s camp on the socialization – I was not very social before and the pandemic led to me becoming something akin to a hermit. 🙂

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