26: Dinner

I love going out to dinner, or “supper” as Johnny calls it. I am happy to cook during the week, but come Friday or Saturday night, I like to go out to eat one of those nights if there aren’t any other plans. There are always new places I want to try, and old favorites to visit again.

Jeff is a simpler guy than me, he could go just about anywhere, or just stay home and have whatever. And I can do that, but it gets repetitive, and I like to mix it up once in a while. Last week we finally tried Italian Eatery. It’s in South Minneapolis, and we were lucky that the weather felt good enough to enjoy their patio. The food was pretty good, the dessert pictured above was fantastic, but I am just dreaming of the day I can go to Bar La Grassa again. They’ve reopened, but reservations are hard to come by. Italian Eatery was good, but it is no BLG.

I like the challenge of finding a good restaurant to fit the mood of the night, the tastes of everyone going, the location for all involved, and the price. Sometimes that means a dive bar, sometimes a family friendly place with plenty of parking, and sometimes a special occasion place.

In 2019 I wrote a multiple lists with 20 items on them. One of the lists included dates to go on / restaurants to visit. Unfortunately covid happened and those dates didn’t happen. But slowly I am still finally getting to some of the places on the list.

Do you like going out to eat? Do you have lots of places you want to try? Or do you have a place that you love and have become a regular at?



  1. I really like IE but it’s definitely no BLG. Although both places are not my ideal place since it’s harder for me to eat there with my gluten intolerance. But I can still find good meals at both places!

    Eating out just does not happen at this stage of life! But even pre-kids we did not eat out much either as a couple. Instead most of my meals out were with book club. We have been meeting at a park so far this year but hopefully at some point we will get back to going to restaurants!

    1. My dinner club started meeting again, and it felt weird at first, but it is good to meet up and have a night out. I’m totally expecting that there will be a long portion of life where I don’t go out often.

  2. I am a lot like Jeff – happy to eat at home, or just get takeout (and eat it at home). I do like a good meal out, though, and when I have them, I do appreciate them! But I am not like you – good at (and apparently happy with) being the planner.

    I had to laugh that Johnny calls it ‘supper’. So does my Dad, and I make fun of him ALL the time for it. 🙂

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