27: Celebrate

I spent last weekend at a bachelorette party while Jeff moved out of the townhouse and into my condo. And now that it is the 4th of July there is more celebrating to be had. I’m writing this Thursday night and am easing myself into vacation mode as my company gave us Friday and Monday off. I have my grandpa’s immediate family funeral on Saturday (we are doing a larger one in September also). So Saturday evening Jeff and I will head north to spend the rest of the weekend at my parents house, and we took Tuesday off to avoid some of the traffic.

The bachelorette party was a lot of fun. At 22 when I started attending bachelorette parties we were all guessing on what activities to do, while now at 33 I know what works, what might not, and that different people have different ideas of fun. This bachelorette was fun. It was a mix of family, high school friends, college friends, and post-college friends.

You may recognize the building as it is Grand View which is the host of many events. For some people it is their 1 week of summer resort vacation, other people go for a weekend “staycation”, some locals visit the restaurants and golf course for mid-week fun, and other people attend work conferences there.

It is amazing to think that one property can hold so many different memories for so many people.

There are so many things to celebrate in life, and while life is also hard, and change is inevitable, and usually hard, it is good to find the ways you can celebrate. A lot of this summer, and the next year will be full of changes and transitions, but I hope I find the things to celebrate.

Are you good at celebrating?

Where do you like to relax?

Is it at home, or somewhere else, and how many people are with you?

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  1. I have never been to Grandview but have heard great things! I love to go to my parents to relax. My parents are so good with our boys so I can easily lay down to read or nap. It’s harder with a baby though. But I’m reminding myself next summer will be easier. Pre-kids I liked to relax at home but that is harder to do. I need to get back to quarterly ‘shouldless days’.

    I prefer smaller celebrations typically. I am an introvert so prefer smaller groups! I am missing the big 4th of July celebration with my dad’s side this weekend but I can’t say I am all there sad about it because it is just sooooo many people!!

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