28: Alone Time

I’m in denial that June is basically over and that next weekend is the 4th of July. I got a rare summer evening alone at my parents house. Although I didn’t get there until 8 pm and it was a Thursday with work the next day, so all I did was look at the lake.

My grandpa ended up passing away on Saturday night before my last post was live. He was surrounded by family and we will have a small family service next weekend, and then a larger service in the fall.

I knew this summer would be busy, and somewhat stressful, which means I’m now trying my best to find some quality alone time. My opportunities for alone time are going to be diminished as Jeff is moving out of his townhouse this weekend and into my condo until his house is ready….which the closing date got moved from September to October.

This weekend I’m off to a bachelorette party, which means the only alone time I will have is in the car. Thankfully my company gives us July 2 and 5 off, and then Jeff and I took July 6 off. Of course we will be with family the whole time, but at least it will be non-work time.

Jeff and I are also anxiously waiting to hear when Canada will allow non-resident, non-essential travel. Jeff’s family hasn’t been to their cottage since 2019, so they all want to go and see how it is doing and what projects it needs. Given the number of weddings/events I have this summer I’m not sure if I will go on the trip, but want to leave the option open.

How much alone time to do you need? How often do you actually get it?



  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Grandpa, and I’m thinking of you and your family ❤
    I cherish my unscheduled time (aka my alone time). When I don't have enough downtime, my mental health suffers, so I try to be deliberate in carving out time for myself. Sometimes that means taking PTO, saying "no" to events/plans, leaving events early, or just "hiding" somewhere out of sight for a few hours. I try not to feel guilty about this alone time because I'm a better human when I've had time alone to recharge.

  2. Sorry to hear that you lost your grandpa. That is so tough. 😦

    Alone time, besides when I am working, is really hard to come by. And I am so rarely alone in our house on weekends. The main form of alone time I get is solo runs. So I really look forward to my runs because it’s a time when no one is asking anything of me! I do go upstairs at 8:30 most nights to read so that is sort of alone time but not the same as being in the house alone!

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