33: Moving

I’ve mentioned it before, but Jeff has to move at the end of June. So he will be moving into my place, but my 1 bedroom condo doesn’t exactly have free space for his two bedroom townhouse stuff. So he’ll be putting quite a bit of stuff in a storage unit.

Now I’m a fairly neat person, but this shoe collection is also pretty typical. I work out of my condo, and its just me and myself 99% of the time, so when I know someone is coming over, I start picking up. I also like to clean on Friday so that when I start work on Monday I’m not distracted by a mess that I want to clean up.

Sharing such a little space will be tough, but thankfully Jeff doesn’t work from home often, and while he travels for work, he also plays hockey two nights a week, so I’ll still be on my own quite a bit.

Of course summer is always busy, and this weekend I was really hoping for relaxation, but it didn’t exactly happen. Especially once I realized that almost every weekend through the middle of August has plans. We have…. memorial weekend (up north of course), the next weekend in Chicago for a baptism, the following weekend my dad’s birthday, the next weekend is Father’s Day which I’ll likely be in the cities with my grandpa, and apparently Jeff’s mom and step dad will also likely be visiting. Then I have a bachelorette party, and then it is the Fourth of July. Once that weekend is over we do have 2 free weekends, but then it is a wedding, another free weekend, and then another wedding, which is the first weekend in August…..So I’m exhausted. We will never again have a full weekend at the townhouse, which means the last time we had a relaxing weekend was…..last weekend? But I actually wasn’t relaxed, I was just exhausted.

Somewhere in that mess Jeff will move out of his place, into my place, and we will keep driving over to check on his house, which currently has shingles and windows! But the hold up is the plumbing, so hopefully that starts coming along.

I am now accepting applications for a wellness coach (half kidding). I want to stay healthy, but I also know that when I am stressed I start choosing the easy and comforting options, not necessarily the healthiest options.

In all reality, I’m excited for all the changes coming, and not one of these weekend plans would I want to cancel. But I think there are going to be some Monday nights where I am happy to attempt a walk, and then a shower and an easy dinner. I foresee a lot of caprese salads in my summer.

How does your summer look? Will it be busy?

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  1. That is a busy summer, on top of moving!! You will get through it but it’s kind of daunting to look at a summer full of plans. But I am glad this will be a more normal summer! Our summer is not really busy but we are in such a different stage of life with young kids. And we are kind of past the friend wedding stage! But I am looking forward to making plans with friends this summer after having such a lonely and isolating summer last year! This weekend was pretty ‘busy’ for us. We had my MIL over for dinner on Saturday night as an early bday celebration. Then yesterday my college girlfriends came over to meet Will and then we walked over to a friend of Phil’s after the boys’ naps to see their remodeled house. I was pretty pooped at the end of the day yesterday!!

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