34: New

Time is flying by. I bought a new bike in February really assuming that Jeff and I would have been riding bikes together. But so far that hasn’t happened yet. I did finally take my new bike for a spin. It is a hybrid, and a great new addition since it is more comfortable for me to ride around Golden Valley.

I took this photo during my first ride, which was to go the post office and back. I had a letter that I wanted mailed, and didn’t want it to waste a day sitting in my condo outgoing mail post box. Also new this week, Jeff and I checked out the Delano Catholic Church. We have been attending the Catholic Church in Maple Grove since Ash Wednesday 2020, and I have really grown to like that church. I’m hoping/considering continuing to go to that church even once Jeff no longer lives in Maple Grove.

New things are wonderful, but also something new tends to mean that something is changing. I have a terrible headache today, and given that I went to bed at a decent hour, I’m assuming the headache is more due to the internal stress of change than it is anything else.

Basically the next 6 months are going to be all change. Jeff will move out of Maple Grove, he’ll move into the condo with me, his house will be finished and he’ll close, then the new house will need to be furnished and moved into. And in that time summer will come, summer will end, and fall will start. It also means my busy season at work. Which I am already starting to dread, because work stress is one thing, but it is another to be dealing with it during life stress as well.

So here’s hoping I can continue to make a some good healthy choices, get outside, and enjoy things while they are available, and find new joy as things change.

Have you gotten outside a lot so far this spring? How do you deal with change?



  1. Oof that is a lot of change! It’s tough to go through periods of intense change. I feel like that has been the last 4 years for us. We celebrate 4 years of marriage this week. In that time we’ve had 2 kids (that resulted from 2 very difficult pregnancies) and we’ve moved and dealt with a pandemic. I know that change is a constant in most people’s lives but I look forward to a season of less change.

    Hopefully WFH will make it easier to fit activity in despite being in your busy season! I find it way easier to be active when WFH as I can squeeze a walk or run in during a quiet time of day, whether that is 9, noon, or 3pm. I didn’t feel that flexibility when I was in the office and I didn’t want to come back all sweaty and gross. Now, if I can’t fit in a quick shower, no one knows I am working while covered in sweat from a workout!!

    1. I haven’t been in the running mood lately, but I have started doing strength and yoga classes on the peloton app and those are almost always during the work day (on my lunch break). WFH definitely helps reduce some of the stress of life.

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