35: Family

Another belated post, which I guess is a sign that things are starting to return to pre-covid ways. Jeff and I traveled to Wisconsin to see his family for Mother’s Day Weekend. It was the first time that Jeff’s sister, her husband, and their child were able to visit at the same time as us. It was great to see them, and was the most time that I have spent time with them in one sitting.

Being with Jeff’s family meant that I wasn’t in the cities with my Grandparents and Aunts. I instead saw them the Sunday before when I gifted them framed print of the above image. My mom is #3 of 6 daughters. In my grand parents house is a painting of the eldest 5, and then my youngest aunt, Sarah has her own picture.

A girl from my hometown is a great artist, and made this picture based off the group of 5 and the solo photo. So my Aunt Sarah #6 and my Aunt Ann #5 look like they are the same size, but the photos were taken years apart.

While I have looked at the originals my whole life, after gifting this version I was able to hear some background. The girls weren’t actually that perfectly different in height. So my mom and my aunt Susan are both standing on books. The original picture was actually a painting, and was created in Italy. They sent in portions of hair to get the coloring correct, and the dresses weren’t quite those colors, but were edited to work with the painting easier.

So while a picture says a thousand words, I never knew those details. And now I have new memories around a slightly different image, but I like the idea of updating the original. The painting of the 5 girls only has one copy, and while I could have photographed that, I think it is fun to see the old image in a new creative format.

I wish I had the skills to do these drawings, but instead I will happily pay others to share their creativity. Have you ever had a photo recreated into another form? I also had a friend that did a painting based on my brother’s senior picture. I hope it is a trend that continues, because I like seeing new versions of loved images.



  1. That painting is so neat! We have some “iconic” photos in our family, and what you did for your grandparents is making me think that my parents might like something similar.

    I was wondering how it went with Jeff’s family, since you hadn’t spent much time with them before. Sometimes being thrown into a whole (holiday) weekend can be a bit challenging – at least it has been for me in the past! I hope you were able to relax and enjoy getting to know them better.

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