Happy Belated Birthday to me! I have had mixed emotions about my birthday over the years, but this year I celebrated quite a bit.

Meritage announced it was reopening for diners and I quickly scooped up a reservation for my birthday night, which happened to be Friday. While debating how to safely transport myself to and from St. Paul, I decided to see what rates the St. Paul Hotel were, and happily, they were reasonable!

Saturday I celebrated the Kentucky Derby, and surprise surprise, Bob Baffert won again. Sunday Jeff and I slept in until 9, a sign of how much we had been having. And then went to my grandparents house for lunch. In the evening we had pork tenderloin, rice a roni, and broccoli, my favorite meal from childhood, and a good well rounded meal to start the week off right. I did a 30 minute Peloton yoga class that felt good to stretch and maybe we got too much sleep, because I didn’t sleep great Sunday night, but now its Monday evening and I have survived!

Next week is Jeff’s birthday and my mom’s birthday, and then in June we have Kent’s and Johnny’s birthdays. And while I won’t be able to be with my mom on Mother’s Day or her birthday, I look forward to celebrating with her this summer. While Jeff was my date for the all of the birthday celebrations, my parents mark was all over it. I thought of the times we have stayed at hotels together, the dinners we have enjoyed, and while also being in St. Paul, there is remembering the times Johnny has spent in the hospital there.

Do you have any birthday traditions? I considered finding some sort of guided reflection, similar to what I fill out for New Years, but never got around to it.

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  1. I’m glad you got to do something special for your birthday! A hotel stay makes it extra special!! Pre-kids we always went out for dinner for my birthday. Now that we have kids, we order in and usually get Indian! That’s about it for rituals around my bday though!

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