37: Rest

I’m not sure if I am great at resting. Given that I work from home, alone, every day means that I get plenty of quiet time. So once my work day is done at 3 pm, I have a couple hours to get stuff done. I typically run on my lunch break, so the afternoons are errands, grocery shopping, and dinner prep. Jeff works until 5 or 6 depending on the day, so it makes sense that week days I do the dinner cooking.

On the weekend I don’t typically cook. Jeff has the time and loves to grill, so I don’t meal plan the weekends much. But there are lots of bakeries/coffee shops that tempt my eyes on instagram. And given that Jeff will be moving “out west” aka Delano, I want to check out these delicious goodies while they are still a reasonably easy drive away.

Yesterday I went to Cafe Ceres and ordered the croissant sandwich to enjoy right away, and the pistachio croissant to enjoy Sunday morning. Everything was delicious, and I think my favorite thing about the pandemic is that more small places have online ordering. I like being able to see all my options online, pay, and pick up without standing in line or having an uncertain amount of time to wait. Plus, the latte I got was the perfect drinking temperature when I picked it up.

After I enjoyed my latte and croissant sandwich I had the fuel I needed to empty out my bathroom cabinet and reorganize it. I found some costume jewelry from college that is ready to be donated, and found a better way to put things away. Next on my “to be cleaned” list is the kitchen cabinets. I own more tea then I will ever drink, and my collection of plastic bags is overgrowing and needs to be recycled.

Are you good at resting?

What has been the good thing about the pandemic for you?

Do you regularly clean/organize/purge your house or do you wait until its a disaster before attempting to fix it?



  1. Jeff must have bought a house! How exciting! I hope the closing process goes smoothly!

    A cafe Ceres is opening a block from us but it doesn’t look very GF friendly. 😦 But his other restaurant, Colita, is across the street and it’s 100% Gf so at least one of his places is a good place for me to eat!

    I love to purge but tend to do it in spurts. We are getting rid of lots of baby stuff as Will outgrows it which feels soooo good! A friend’s daughter had a boy this month so I am passing everything along to her. We got tons of hand me downs so it is nice to pay or forward.

    As far as resting, I am in a tough stage of life to do that. I used to nap or lay down during Paul’s nap. If Will and Paul nap at the same time, I will lay down but that so rarely happens!

  2. Quite frankly, I stink at resting. I’m just awful. I feel like I should always be doing *something*. Which often leads to… exhaustion. Not surprising! I need a remedial course on how to disconnect and truly relax! Ha.
    Hope that there might be a new house for Jeff in the near future? And hope you share a bit more about that!

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