41: Quick

Spring is here and the days while longer are going fast. Mid-week I went up to Aitkin for a night, and while it rained all day, in the evening it was nice enough to go for a quick walk before my friend chat that evening. I love the road I grew up on and it was nice to enjoy the weather minus mosquitos and sweat.

I didn’t have enough time in town to actually meet up with any friends, but I think I might start doing more quick visits as I’m not sure how many up north weekends I will have this summer. It seems like weekends are quickly filling up as people feel more confident in planning weddings and other events. Plus, we have the unknown of Jeff’s house search.

We have a good routine for Saturday mornings right now. Wake up, start touring houses at 8 am, once those are done, eat brunch. Then start tackling any chores. Then clean up about 3:30 pm, so that we can go to church which starts at 5. At 6 we are home to start making dinner, find something enjoyable to watch, and I managed to be in bed before 10 both Friday and Saturday night. It means I don’t sleep in on Saturday or Sunday morning, but at least I am getting good hard sleep.

I chose “quick” as the word for this week because my walk was quick, just 20 minutes total as I had my girls call to get on. And the visit to Aitkin was quick, less than 24 hours. And also because I know while this house search feels long and hard and not fun, it will most likely be over quickly. This weekend Jeff has offers in for two different houses. The houses happen to be in the same town, but thankfully one is deciding before the other, so on the off chance that the first one accepts, Jeff could rescind the 2nd offer. But if the first one accepts a different offer, at least the weekend wasn’t wasted on only one chance, and he has the second offer as another option.

What is quick for you these days?

How sick are you of house tales? Could you make a quick decision on buying a home?


  1. Ugh house hunting is really the worst. I don’t tire of hearing about others searches, though! I can make a decision to offer pretty quickly but it takes longer for my husband so house hunting was very stressful. I basically forced him to buy this house because it had everything on our list. I love it but he is kind of meh about it so I imagine in a couple of years we may be house hunting again. I don’t look forward to it.

    Glad you were able to fit a quick trip to Aitkin in! We are going to battle lake to see my parents the week after Easter. I can’t wait!!

  2. I feel like with houses, I just know, even if I can’t articulate a specific reason. It’s been that way forever. I was super-challenged, though, in my current apartment because I had to rent it sight unseen. My MIL saw it but… it’s not the same! Fortunately, it worked out fine. I hope that the rest of your process goes smoothly!

    1. Oh someone else seeing a place is definitely not the same! My current condo I didn’t think about much before making an offer. It fit the needs I had the budget I had. Jeff’s new place I didn’t even seen before he decided to make an offer.

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