43: Collage

I’ve mentioned this in years past, but I love a good collage / vision board. At my parents house my cork board is still up, and has the remnants of a previous vision board. When I lived at home in my mid 20s I would update my vision board each season.

In St. Paul I had a piece of tag board that I had a rough vision board on, but nothing permanent. Then in the condo I haven’t created anything permanent either. Likely because I don’t have a dedicated office, which is where I would put a vision board these days.

So my new very irregular habit is to make a piece of paper sized vision board. I make maybe 1 or two per year. But I usually enjoy the process. I go through the magazine cutouts that I have saved over the years, pull out the images that are speaking to me, and then start to piece them together.

The “love takes off masks” makes me chuckle a bit because as everyone is sharing, this is the one year mark for covid in the midwest (I’m thinking maybe the coasts had a little earlier awareness). Anyways…. the past year was full of unknown. And there is plenty unknown for the future as well.

My wish for this next year is that it provides some health, happiness, and hope for everyone. Oh, and healing. Because as much as I like to push aside issues and move on to the next…I know that isn’t always the healthiest choice.

What do you hope for in the next year?

Are you more hopeful today than you were on New Years Eve?


  1. I’m definitely more hopeful now than I was on NYE! I got my first vaccine dose last week. I qualified since I am immune compromised. And the outlook for the general population to receive it is so great so that adds to my hopefulness. I just hope the year includes more gatherings with family and friends and more sleep by the 2nd half of the year!

  2. I like the idea of vision boards… but have never done one. Mine might be more of a collection of quotes that reflect who I want to be(come). And yes, I am *much* more hopeful than I was January 1. Then, I still had hideous anxiety related to “what will happen on…” for the upcoming transition and inauguration (for good reason, as it turned out…). Now? It seems like spring might actually bring about some good beginnings! In the next year, I really hope to move forward in my career and achieve several important milestones… Working on some of them literally right now, so let’s hope the work pays off!

    1. Here’s hoping you get those career pay offs you are reaching for! I feel like work accomplishments take so long to create/see the results, but they definitely come around every now and then.

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