45: Up

This weather is giving me life! I haven’t actually taken the time to sit down and blog, but oh well. I am not a fan of the spring ahead day light savings that we have coming up. I like that the sun is up now, I like that the sun is slowly setting around 6 pm. I do not adjust great to daylight savings.

Jeff is ice fishing with friends in South Dakota this weekend, so I do think I’ll have time to post again on Sunday. The last time he was out of town on a week night I drove around and couldn’t decide what to get for dinner, and I think eventually had a quesadilla from fixings in my fridge. Tonight I faced a similar conundrum, but wisely ended up ordering a pizza from Young Joni.

It felt good to drive around Minneapolis, deal with minimal traffic, and while it was painful to drive home and smell the yummy pizza, eventually I was home and enjoying my efforts with a glass of wine. Friday after work I am going for a walk with a friend, because it is finally light enough to do that, and I hope it is a trend that continues throughout the spring.

As we approach one year of ….. this? quarantine? covid? whatever you want to call it, I am interested to see how life continues to change and evolve. I think I mentioned that Jeff is house hunting, so most of our conversations revolve around where and what and how much. Unfortunately with the market as crazy as it is, the conversations can turn frustrating quickly. Thankfully I have my little condo, so there is a fall back option for him, but my 700 square feet will not be a luxurious choice.

Are things looking up for you? Or is the 1-year anniversary of…”whatever” getting to you?


  1. House hunting is not fun especially in such a hot market. It was not so hot when we bought but we looked for over 2 years so it was a long process since we were very picky! I hope you guys find something!

    I am feeling so much better lately since the weather is so nice and outdoor walks with friends are possible again. I was feeling not so great in feb when it was too cold to go for walks. It’s hard to believe we are coming up on a year of living with Covid. In some ways it has gone fast since I was dealing with pregnancy and having a baby but it also feels like the longest year at the same time. I am feeling pretty optimistic though since a vaccine is on the horizon for most of us. I just have a hard time picturing what life will look like after we are vaccinated. I am not sure if I would still be comfortable with large family gatherings since the nieces and nephews won’t be vaccinated and some of them are older, like 13-16 so they could spread it still. But we will play things by ear!

    1. I think Jeff will find something, mainly because we are flexible on location, and can take on a project or two. But the pricing is hard to accept, especially when you know you’ll be competing with multiple offers.

      I agree that it has been a long year, even with the distractions of growing your family. I think it is a good idea to wait on the large gatherings, as we just don’t know what the next few months bring. I’m personally not planning on meeting up at outdoor dining places, I’d rather meet in friends backyards, because I think that is more comfortable.

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