46: Warmer

After two weeks of the bitter cold, I am so glad Minnesota was 20 degrees on yesterday! I also am very aware that those in the South are still suffering from cold, and the aftermath of days without power and water.

This week’s photo was actually taken on a clear evening in December, but never made its way to the blog or even Instagram.

I’ve found that I’m taking less pictures and I have less to post about on Instagram as covid/work from home continues. I actually hadn’t posted anything on Instagram is January, and not until TimeHop reminded me that 6 years ago I went to Florida with friends from college for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

I have been posting on stories occasionally, especially as I dip my toe in the Peloton waters. I’m just in the 2 months free trial period right now, but I plan on using the app for now while I don’t have a gym membership. I have my road bike set up on a trainer, and haven’t hooked up anything to capture the speed, so my Peloton account looks bleak, but the classes are entertaining. And it is wonderful to decide if I am going to do a 20, 30, or 45 minute spin class. I’ve also taken a couple cardio/yoga/stretch classes, but those aren’t as great as the spinning.

I really can’t wait for Spring. I hope March this year is as good as last year in terms of weather. I look forward to being outside and in fresh air, and hopefully seeing friends at least outdoors again. I also am dreaming about not living in a condo and having a true backyard someday. My one bedroom condo has served me well, but if I knew a work from home situation was coming, I would have been a little more adamant about finding a two bedroom.

But for now I will be thankful for the condo I have, and the fact that the weather warmed up with minimal destruction.

How over winter are you?


  1. I am so glad it is warming up! This cold stretch was so horrible. I went for my first walk yesterday during the month of February! I had some c section pain at the beginning of the month and then it was way too cold to walk. I hope the worst is behind us and we have a nice, early spring!!

  2. Funny how we love just a small warm up when it’s been so cold. And now – just a week later – we’re above normal, and everything is melting! I can’t even presume to predict what the weather will do anymore. That said, I’m like you and so much happier when “outside” is an option, and I’m grateful that we’re getting an early taste of spring, even if it is followed by a return to winter. (I hope not, but one never knows…)

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